Toroidion teases 1,341-hp retromodern masterpiece

Toroidion teases megawatt retromodern supercar

Toroidion, a Finnish engineering firm, has unveiled its all-electric, 1,341-horsepower 1MW concept car at Monaco’s Top Marques show.

Designed and built entirely in-house in Finland, the curvaceous two-seater is a product of Toroidion’s mission to develop a fully-electric powertrain that would be competitive at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

And what a proof of concept it is – the 1MW boasts a power output of 1,341 horsepower, or one megawatt – dwarfing the current maximum all-electric power output of the Rimac ConceptOne and equaling that of the conventionally-powered, 270mph Koenigsegg One:1 hypercar.

Besides its headline-grabbing power figures, the 1MW exhibits a number of Toroidion’s other key achievements.

 It’s a concept so advanced that not even Formula E, the world’s premiere all-electric racing series, has anything like it yet

For example, the car uses a unique easily-removable, high capacity battery that can be either taken out and charged indoors or left in the car and charged through a plug on the 1MW’s bodywork.

While giving the supercar an additional degree of practicality that its rivals lack, this system will also allow 1MW-derived race cars to conquer endurance competition’s race distances (over 3,000 miles), which are far higher than conventional electric sports cars’ maximum range (under 300 miles).

Although the specific details are still unclear, the 1MW’s specifically-developed rapid-swap battery system will allow pit crews to safely replace depleted batteries with freshly charged ones – an electric race car’s equivalent of a fuel stop. It’s a concept so advanced that not even Formula E, the world’s premiere all-electric racing series, has anything like it yet.

Toroidion teases megawatt retromodern supercar - interior

Interestingly, the 1,341-horsepower electric drivetrain is completely scalable – meaning that not only will it be suitable, in various states of tune, for both Le Mans and the street, but also for applications in smaller cars, airplanes and boats.

Toroidion’s CEO Pasi Pennanen is remaining flexible on the 1MW concept’s future prospects – whether it ever reaches production depends on Toroidion’s success in licensing its revolutionary powertrain to other companies and the buyer interest it receives in its ambitious retromodern supercar.

Whatever the outcome, the 1MW is a hugely impressive start for the Finnish start-up.

Given that Toroidion’s world-class supercar is a mere stepping stone towards Le Mans, a fully-tuned, race-spec development of the 1MW is a mouth-watering prospect.

Image credit: Toroidion

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