Porsche 911 to be offered as a hybrid?

Porsche 911 2018 Hybrid Formula Future

Porsche CEO Matthias Muller has announced that the next-generation Porsche 911, due for launch in 2018, could be offered with a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain.

Speaking to Australian website Car Advice, Muller revealed that the legendary sports car could, for the first time ever, be sold as a hybrid.

“We have been doing some analysis to see whether it will work”, said the CEO of the fabled manufacturer.

“There is no decision up until now, but we are negotiating that, and we will see. Maybe in the next generation – there is no reason against it and we will see if we have some reasons to do it.”

Porsche’s hybrid range, currently consisting of the 918 Spyder, Cayenne S E-Hybrid and Panamera S E-Hybrid, would be further bolstered by the addition of hybrid variants of the brand’s entry-level Boxster and Cayman models.

The hybridisation of its sports car range would be a logical trickle-down of the technology Porsche already employs in its top-tier endurance racing programme and its roadgoing 918 supercar. It is likely that the intermediary points, such as Porsche’s GT3 racing programme, would also see a widescale introduction of hybrid technology, as hypothesised by Formula 1 veteran Johnny Herbert in our exclusive interview and trialed in the 911 GT3 R Hybrid.

Long-time Porsche purists will no doubt decry the idea of a hybrid drivetrain in the esteemed 911 model, often revered as one of the purest, most driver-oriented sports cars ever made.

However, the hybrid variant would in all likelihood be offered alongside a ‘conventional’ petrol-powered version, and that it would go on sale under the E-Hybrid moniker like its Cayenne and Panamera stablemates – both available with or without hybrid drivetrains.

Furthermore, Muller moved to reassure the sceptics, saying: “This hybrid technology has two reasons: one is CO2, but another reason for us to use this technology is sportiness. As we have proved in the 918 Spyder – it can work.

“So it can also be a solution for the 911.”

Image credit: Porsche

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