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An online update will improve the all-electric Model S P85D saloon’s already-impressive acceleration, Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk has confirmed.

Rumours had earlier begun to circulate on owners’ forums that an ‘over-the-air’ software update would slash the Tesla’s 0-60mph acceleration from its current official sportscar-slaying 3.2 seconds to an astonishing 2.8 seconds – genuine hypercar territory.

However, after having spread across news outlets and online messageboards like wildfire, the rumours have today been confirmed as being only half true.

“The Tesla P85D 0-60mph acceleration will improve by approximately 0.1 second soon”, Musk finally clarified over Twitter.

The upgrade – officially set to shave the P85D’s acceleration time to 3.1 seconds – will be made available to Model S P85D owners as an automatic, self-installing, over-the-air download.

Although 0.1 seconds may not seem like a significant change, it is certainly a step in the right direction for the all-electric super-saloon and a sign of further improvements to come. Furthermore, effects of the acceleration boost will likely be felt at various speeds, not only the standing start.

Perhaps most impressive is how seamless and remote the software update promises to be. P85D owners will simply wake up one morning to find a faster vehicle in their garage – even if there isn’t a single mechanic or toolbox within a 50-mile radius.

Interestingly, manufacturers are often conservative with their official performance figures. For example, magazines such as Motor Trend have independently clocked the current P85D’s sprint to 60mph at 3.1 seconds, quicker than the officially cited 3.2 seconds.

This raises the exciting possibility of the re-programmed car being faster than the new official figures suggest and, therefore, capable of breaking the 3-second barrier as it races to 60mph – tantalisingly close to the rumoured hypercar-baiting pace predicted in the owners’ clubs.

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