The Broon F8 is the ultimate supercar… for kids

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With a spec sheet that includes four-wheel drive, a 15,000RPM redline, an all-electric powertrain, independent suspension, LED headlights, an Android-powered touchscreen infotainment, intelligent drive assist and more, the Broon F8 from newcomer Henes would appear to be the perfect modern-day supercar.

That is, until you read the dimensions – the F8 is only four feet long.

“The Broon is not just a car”, Henes proudly proclaims.

“It is a supercar for your kids.”

With a top speed of 14 km/h, sports tyres, four-point safety harness and a bucket seat, the Broon F8 is an innovative way of allowing young children to explore performance driving in a safe and controlled manner. Furthermore, parents are able to remotely take control of the vehicle when the driving gets too lairy.

Perhaps most impressively, the F8 features a variety of driving modes and an intelligent four-wheel drive system that regulates each wheel’s power output in response to terrain conditions – much like its fully-grown brethren such as the BMW i8.

“By implementing the latest technology and most realistic auto parts, such as the gearbox, electronic disc brakes, urethane foam tires, or the ability to employ Android OS as Broon`s infotainment system, Henes firmly stands at the forefront of all competition”, the South Korean toy manufacturer explained.

With a predicted retail price of $1,000, car-loving kids have never had it so good.

Image credit: Henes / Brooncars

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