Volvo eyes Formula E, snubs ‘dumb’ Le Mans

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Volvo has declared a potential interest in a Formula E entry as it reconsiders its stance on global motorsport.

Having recently announced it is pulling factory support of Polestar-operated racers in the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) and V8 Supercars series in Australia, the Swedish automaker has confirmed it is eyeing the all-electric single-seater championship with interest.

In a candid interview with Auto Motor Und Sport, Volvo’s Vice President of marketing and sales Alain Visser explained that, although conventional motorsport is not consistent with its ethos of safety and eco-friendliness, Formula E very much is.

“We have looked into Formula E”, he explained. “Although audience figures and press coverage are still quite limited, this is a racing concept that I absolutely believe can grow.”

“When you have a limited budget to spend, you need to carefully consider what you invest in. Compared to other motorsports, Formula E is great value for money.”

Conventional championships such as the illustrious FIA World Endurance Championship, on the other hand, did not receive such praise.

“I would say that Le Mans is the absolute dumbest racing class you can run in – it costs 20 million Euros to field a car and you get press coverage for 24 hours. That’s it! There are clearly better investments.”

Volvo is not the only premium automaker to show an interest Formula E participation.

Both Audi and Renault-Nissan currently field quasi-factory efforts by heavily supporting the ABT and DAMS racing teams while the championship remains a ‘spec’ series, and it’s the paddock’s worst kept secret that works entries are planned for when the series moves to an ‘open’ formula, where manufacturers are free to run their own creations as long as they conform to a set of technical rules.

BMW also maintains a strong presence in Formula E by supplying the safety and circuit vehicles, as well as sponsorship, with an eye to participate once the series matures.

However, although Volvo would be in good company, Visser hesitated to commit to the championship for now.

“We follow the series very carefully and have thoroughly analysed it, but we have not yet taken a decision”, Visser explained.

“However, I do rank Formula E as the most attractive motorsport category right now.”


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