Vettel slams “cheesy” Formula E

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Four-time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel has slammed the FIA’s new fully electric single-seater championship, calling it “cheese”.

Speaking to the German magazine Focus in the run-up to the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Infiniti Red Bull Racing ace was unapologetic in his criticism of the new formula.

“I think it’s cheese”, he said. “I’m not a fan of it, and as a viewer I would not be interested.”

“Now I need to stop”, he smiled, presumably before landing himself into more hot water with motorsport’s authorities.

Vettel is notoriously outspoken about motorsport and his old-fashioned tastes when it comes to racing, earlier earning a personal rebuke from FIA president Jean Todt after publicly describing the sound of Formula One’s new V6 engines as being “sh*t”.

His comments come after lashing out at the electric category back in October of last year. “I don’t like it at all. I think it’s not the future”, the young German mused after securing pole position at the 2013 Indian Grand Prix.

Comparing it to the allure of Formula One, he said: “There’s not much to feel when a car goes by and you don’t even hear anything else but the wind.

“Maybe I’m very old fashioned, but I think Formula One needs to scream, needs to be loud, there needs to be the vibration.”

Clearly, Vettel does not think an all-electric formula is the correct direction for motorsport to be taking, in contrast to the optimism expressed to Formula Future by many of Formula One’s leading figures and experts at this month’s British Grand Prix. Vettel’s Inifiniti Red Bull Racing stablemate Sebastien Buemi has, ironically, been the pace-setting racer in Formula E so far.

Curiously, this is not the first time Vettel has used a piece of food to illustrate his disdain, earlier calling his current Formula One car, the Red Bull RB10, a “cucumber”.

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