Venturi’s EV world speed record confirmed

Venturi VBB3 Land Speed Record Formula Future

An electric vehicle land speed record set by the Venturi VBB-3, the Venturi Formula E car’s stablemate, has today been confirmed by the FIA.

Driven by Roger Schroer, the 3,000 horsepower vehicle posted an average speed of 212mph (341kph) across two top speed runs at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA on August 22. The top speed of the VBB-3 peaked at 270mph (434kph), which made it the fastest ever electric vehicle weighing over 3.5 metric tons.

In order to classify for legitimate world record status, the VBB-3 was required to make two runs in opposite directions within one hour of each other.

The team behind the VBB-3, a collaborative project between Venturi Automobiles and Ohio State University, had initially hoped to top 375mph (603kph) across the legendary Salt Flats. Unfortunately, their efforts were hampered by freak adverse weather conditions that had earlier caused the annual Bonneville Speed Week to be cancelled.

Not only was the flooding of the track itself an issue, but the cancellation of Speed Week also meant that Venturi had missed out on valuable testing time at the festival of speed.

In spite of these obstacles, the team persevered and managed to set a class speed record across a modified Bonneville track, which was shortened to avoid impassably wet patches.

“In this remarkable period of time when the weather played on our nerves, the team showed its considerable resources and its firm, unwavering commitment,” enthused Delphine Biscaye, VBB-3 Project Manager at Venturi Automobiles.

The current overall electric vehicle land speed record is currently held by the VBB-3’s predecessor, the Venturi VBB-2.5, which attained a top speed of 307mph (494kph) in 2010 – a record that Venturi had hoped to eclipse this year.

Despite their misfortunes, they aim to return to Bonneville next year, faster than ever.

“We will be back on Bonneville Salt Flats in 2015”, said Gildo Pallanca Pastor, President of Venturi.

“The program is ambitious for the Venturi VBB-3. The potential we tested on this car and the time we waited have multiplied our motivation and our willingness to accomplish an unprecedented performance for an electric vehicle.”

Venturi VBB3 Land Speed Recrd

Image credit: Venturi Automobiles

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