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Hot on the heels of the unveiling of the circuit layout of Formula E’s Argentine round comes a fan-made video of the circuit being driven within a racing simulator.

The video, created by Facundo Galella of Punto Simu, an Argentine community of racing simulation enthusiasts, shows the track being driven in a Red Bull Formula One car.

Using the official track diagram, local maps, three-dimensional Google Earth data and reference photographs, the track layout was faithfully recreated in the digital world to be driven on.

Although the sound effects are somewhat unrefined and the visual detail is lacking, the videos provide an idea of how the circuits – still in a conceptual stage in the real world, of course – could look from a driver’s point of view.

As discussed on Formula Future when the track layout was first revealed, it is indeed reminiscent of Formula One’s Melbourne and Montreal rounds. Although Bruno Senna described some aspects of the track as being difficult to predict in the official circuit guide, the usage of Google’s three-dimensional data in the creation of the simulated track provides a good idea of the circuit’s layout and elevation.

Shortly after the explosion of global interest in Punto Simu‘s first video, a second one was released, previewing Punta del Este’s circuit layout – this time from the viewpoint of a Mercedes-Benz grand prix car. The usage of real-world map data shows that the circuit will be very narrow and treacherous, much like Formula One’s legendary Monaco street race.

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