Onboard a power lap in the hands of di Grassi

Lucas Di Grassi Onboard Lap Audi Sport ABT Formula E

Audi Sport ABT’s Lucas di Grassi has released an onboard video of a lap of Donington Park in full-power ‘qualifying mode’.

The video, taken during Formula E’s testing sessions at Donington Park, was filmed using a GoPro camera attached to di Grassi’s visor.

Formula E cars are restricted to running in one of two power modes – the standard mode limits engine power to 178 hp (133 kW) with an additional boost mode that can temporarily increase engine power to 268 hp (200 kW).

Drivers must run in standard mode during a race, but can choose to strategically deploy the full power mode for two short bursts over the course of the event. In addition, some drivers will enjoy further opportunities to run full power thanks to Formula E’s controversial Fan Boost system.

However, during a testing day, which is not a competitive racing event, drivers can choose to run whichever power mode they like in order to check that their cars are running correctly.

As a result of this, we are now able to experience a complete lap onboard a Formula E car running with full power.

Curiously, as Lucas di Grassi explains, “above 200 kph the wind overcomes any other noises, so be prepared for a lot of wind noise.” As the car approaches its top speed it becomes eerily inaudible, as wind noise starts to dominate the noises produced by the car itself, a first for a single seater.

Image credit: Lucas di Grassi (YouTube)

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