Michelin chief: Formula E tyres will benefit road users

Michelin Tyre Formula E

Michelin global Formula E manager Serge Grisin had announced that the tyre manufacturer will use its participation in the revolutionary motorsport category to develop its road tyre technology.

Grisin told Just-Auto: “What is important is to use competition as a laboratory to accelerate innovation.”

“We are talking about the future of mobility, especially in cities. For Michelin, we will use Formula E to make improvements in tyre technologies, especially for electric cars, which is an answer for mobility in cities.”

The tyre specification in Formula E is similar to that used by many road cars. As such, within a number of seasons even regular road users will be able to benefit from the know-how Michelin gains through its development of Formula E competition tyres.

Michelin will supply its new Pilot Sport EV tyres to all ten teams on the Formula E grid. The suitability of Pilot Sport EVs for both wet and dry conditions, as well as their capability to perform both on smooth racing circuits and uneven city streets, makes them especially relevant to everyday drivers. Furthermore, the racing tyres are 18″ in size, similar in dimension to tyres used on road cars.

Michelin’s announcement has revealed yet another exciting way in which Formula E can be used as a testbed for future technologies.

Image credit: Manel – Michelin (Flickr), CC BY-ND 2.0

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