‘Fan Boost’ plans fine tuned

Sports Fans Cheer During Sporting Competition Formula E

Formula E has announced during its London launch event on Monday that it has made changes to its proposed ‘Fan Boost’ system, which allows the viewing public to decide which drivers receive additional power to use during an upcoming race.

The radical and controversial system, a first in a top-tier single seater category, uses an online vote to determine which competitors are allowed to deploy extra power during a race weekend.

It was revealed that the power hike granted to the most popular drivers has been tweaked to now be in the region of 90bhp.

As such, when the online vote closes shortly before the race begins, the three most popular drivers will be able to extract 270bhp (200kW) from their powerplants as opposed to the usual 180bhp (133kW).

Image credit: Chad Cooper – Celebration (Flickr), CC BY 2.0

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