BMW’s i8 Safety Car goes drifting

Qualcomm BMW i8 Formula E Future

Qualcomm and BMW have released a hilarious video showcasing the electric supercar’s performance and driftability alongside the American firm’s revolutionary Halo wireless charging technology.

The promotional clip sees Qualcomm’s engineers trying to explain how their latest innovations work while being ruthlessly thrown around a test track in a BMW i8 Safety Car piloted by none other than Formula E’s own Nelson Piquet Jr.

The video defiantly responds to ‘green’ performance car naysayers in a light-hearted setting, with one engineer losing a board marker while trying to illustrate a technical concept in the middle of a smoky powerslide.

The hybrid supercar, which made its debut as the Formula E Safety Car in last weekend’s inaugural ePrix in Beijing, boasts a total power output of 357 HP (266 kW) from its combined electric and turbocharged petrol powerplants and has been launched to rave reviews.

Click below to watch the video.

Hat tip to Elijah Jones for sending us the video!

Image credit: Qualcomm

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